Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More Crochet Goodies

I love these little things...but I'm not sure what to do with them.  It's my second attempt at crocheting something.  I got the pattern from The Yvestown Blog over here.  She was going to use hers as coasters but I think they are a little small for that.  They might be nice if I had several more and I could attached them....but I haven't learn the whole attaching part yet.

In the mean time I will just lay them out on my table and admire them.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mom Love

I know there are lots of fantastic moms out there in the world but I happen to be partial to my own and think that she's the best!!  So happy  Mother's Day Mom!!  I hope you enjoy your gift.
(We didn't get to see each other yesterday so she just has to ogle here over her surprise in a jar until we get together again.)

 I taught myself to crochet last weekend and this jar topper was the very first thing I finished.  (I got the inspiration from this post from Lilley Stiches.) 

Since I didn't want to just give my mom another jar of canned green beans or jelly (she's had enough I'm sure), I decided to tuck a little surprise inside and use the jar as a sort of gift wrap.

"Bottled with love for MOM (you're unforgettable)"
(a great printable from here)

After the jar is opened she can use the jar topper for a different sort of decoration...or whatever you do with little crochet goodies.

I can't wait to give it to you mom.  Love you!!