Thursday, April 5, 2012

Long posting.  I've still been busy crafting though.  Most importantly I was working on this little guy...

Love that face!!

Anyhow, since the little guy has arrived I thought I would share the quilt I made for him.

His room ended up taking on a bit of a Dr. Seuss theme (more of that in a later post) so I just had to make him a quilt to match.

The back...

The images on the back were pieces of a panel fabric from the Dr. Seuss line.

And with the left over scraps I made some stuff blocks for him to play with.  Just excuse my big belly and creepy shadows....this pic was just 1 week before the little guy was born.

While I can't say that the little man has always loved lounging on this quilt I will say that he usually enjoys looking at all the bright contrasting fabrics.


  1. that first picture is killing me. Precious!

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. So darn cute!

  3. Oh my gravy. He is just so presh!

  4. Wow-- this is such an inspiration (I'm a new mom and just came upon your site) -- what pattern did you use to create this?