Thursday, July 22, 2010

Baby Surprise

I have a new gift giving pen pal and her name is Terri.  She works with my mom and we've never met before.  Just before my wedding this past May my mom showed up with the most fantastic hand painted coasters from Terri as a gift to my new hubby and I.  Having never met her before, I automatically pictured her as someone close to my mom's age with short hair and approaching retirement.  How is it that we can imagine something that is so far from the truth...Terri is similar in age to me and is expecting her first baby girl any day.  When I found out she was having a shower at work I just had to whip up something to return her gift giving generosities from our wedding.

Baby burp cloths and matching bib...

I found an excellent tutorial for boutique style burp cloths on Crap I've Made (which has recently become one of my new favorite blogs to stalk).  I modified it slightly by adding a patch work strip down the middle.  The strip was made with 4-patches sewn using "Love U" charm squares from Moda.  The bib was just something extra for fun....and because the cupcake was just too cute.  (It's from Bunnycup Embroidery...they have lots of really cute stuff if you like embroidery.)

I created this tag for the burp cloths just to make sure she knew what they were to be used for.  Call me crazy but I've never had babies so I wouldn't have know that babies are suppose to puke and drool all over something so pretty.  

In the end I think Terri liked them and I heard she didn't even realize they were hand made until someone pointed it out to her later. 


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, Holly. And, hurrah, I get to give you your first comment. Connie

  2. Found your blog over on Bunnie Cup. Those are really cute. You will have a great future in the craft and Blog world. Can't wait to see what you make next. Have a great week, Missy